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Links to authoritative sources

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Links to authoritative sources

In the age of Google and Wikipedia, it's important that your students know what a good authoratative source is. Have them try some of the exercises at the bottom of the page. If they find good sources, encourage them to link to those sources here, along with a description of why they thought the site was great! 

Finding good sources for Research


Who is the author an what are their qualifications or credentials?

What type of information is this?

When was the information created? When was it last updated or revised?

Where is the information coming from? Is the domain a .edu, .gov, or .org?

Why is this information posted? To educate, to inform, to present unbiased views, to entertain, to sell?


Authoritative Sources Exercises

Authoritative Website Game: http://www.quia.com/pop/97021.html

Finding the Right Book Game: http://library.stjosephsea.org/referencechoice.htm

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