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Organize volunteers

Page history last edited by Rachel Pennig 12 years, 4 months ago

Organize volunteers

Another great way to organize your library and save money is to recruit volunteers. A well-organized volunteer schedule will help assure that you your library is in good hands. Use your wiki to put together contact information for volunteers, schedule times they can serve in the library, and to organize scheduling for special events.




Name: Sara

Phone Number: 000-000-000

Email Address: sara@libraryvolunteer.org

Specialities: Shelving, alphabetizing

Availability: Mondays and Tuesdays 12-4


Name: Jeanne

Phone Number: 000-000-0000

Email Address: jeanne@libraryvolunteer.org

Specialities: cataloging, book processing, ordering, weeding

Availability: Wednesdays 9-2



Name: Noreen

Phone Number: 000-000-0000

Email Address: noreen@libraryvolunteer.org

Specialities: great at story telling, reference reqeuest, test proctoring

Availability: As needed




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