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Student Book Reviews

Page history last edited by Rachel Pennig 12 years, 4 months ago

Student Book Reviews

Student book reviews are a great way to increase engagement in your wiki while encouraging children to share their love of books. Try using the below template to encourage your students to give wiki-fied book reports here!

Student: Jeana Taylor

Book Title: Tuck Everlasting

Book Author: Natalie Babbit

What I liked: A wonderful story about a family called the Tucks that never dies or gets damaged. A girl who finds out about the mysterious secret about the Tucks gets into an adventure. The part I liked was when the author left some mysterious questions that were never answered. This book is wonderful and you should try reading it!

What I didn't like: It was too short!




Student: Susie Smith

Book Title: Walk Two Moons

Book Author: Susan Creech

What I liked: I liked this book because it was well written and keep my attention from begining to end. It had a little of everything happy parts, and sad parts. Its a real tear jerker. It is a awesome book and I would recommend it for anyone no matter what age.

What I didn't like: I felt bad because Sal missed her mom in the book, and ending was really sad, but I won't ruin it for anyone else who wants to read it!

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